Initial Assessment & Treatment

The first session focus on getting to know you and understanding your goals and objectives.  A through history will be taken base on the current challenges that you face. After history taking a detailed assessment will be done to identify your strength/limitations or areas that can improve. The history taking and assessment will guide the hands-on treatment and movement /strength exercises given to you at the end of the session to improve your condition with a treatment plan. Each session work to educate and empower you to take care of your own body.

Reassessment & Treatment

Treatments open a window of opportunity where you will move well and feel good. Coupled with the home movement/strength exercises given to you at the end of the last session, it is important to reassess to see if the treatment and homework was effective and appropriate for you.  This will also let you know when you are ready to return back to full function to your daily life , sports or activity.